Sewer Gas Odor Repair Cost

Sewer gas odor occurs when you have a mixture of gases that can be toxic or nontoxic rising up from your drain pipes. These gases contain methane and can enter into your home when debris and other particles get into your drains causing them to become plugged. Because sewer odor can be explosive, it is important to seek reparation immediately.

To determine the cost of the repair, it will depend on what pipe the sewer gas odor is coming from and what pipe needs to be repaired as well as the professional that you choose to perform the task. Repair can cost from $50 to $250 depending on the pipe and its condition.

How long the pipe is and whether or not it is easy to access will also play a part in the rate. An individual may spend from $3000 to $7000 if the pipe needing reparation is connected to a public sewer line. This amount can go all the way up to $25,000 if the public line is right in the middle of the street.

Most places charge up to $100 or more per foot depending on the tools needed to make the repair happen. The smaller the project, the less you can expect to pay per foot. The traditional way of repairing with the use of trenches will more than likely cost less but it can require too much time.

The new trenchless approach is more expensive but takes less time. It is very important that you shop around to get the best quotes when it comes to sewer reparation.