Septic Tank - Installation, Repair & Maintenance Costs

Chances are likely that if a homeowner is not connected to a municipal sewer system, then they are connected to a septic tank system. Furthermore, if the homeowner experiences slow running water, observes water that won't go down in the drain-field, foul odors throughout the home, and/or their tank hasn't been pumped within the last three to five years, then it is time for either a septic tank cleaning (pumping), repair or even a brand new installation.

Septic tank repairs costs:

Generally, a septic tank cleaning consists of a certified plumber arriving with a truck and giant pump attachment to find the entrance to the tank. However, sometimes the homeowner doesn't know where the lid is so the plumber needs to tap around the soil with a steel rod until he hits some metal--the tank. Depending on the time to find the tank, open it and pump it clean, this job takes anywhere from one to four hours. The average costs of such a project range from between $200 to $500.

A repair procedure known as soil fracturing is often used to help preserve the drain-field. Generally costing several thousands of dollars, it consists of jettisoning air blasts through the drain-field lines. It's less costly than replacing a complete septic tank, but it costs several thousand dollars nonetheless.

Septic tank installation costs

Over years of use, a tank simply ceases to function and may even disintegrate. Depending on the material of original construction, fiberglass, concrete or even steel in some cases, this is one job left for plumbing experts skilled in tank removals as well as new installations.

The overall cost of a septic tank installation job depends on the material and size of the tank, and the average costs on this job can run from $6,000- $8,000. Moreover, the digging and preparation of the soil can add another $2,000 to the job. Further adding to the cost is new landscaping for the yard.

Tips: As tanks are bacteria-friendly, homeowners need to avoid the following...

  • Medication
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaners
  • Detergents

Either way, if homeowners decide to repair their existing septic tank or install a new one, these devices are a necessity in any home, and budgeting for their costs is a prime consideration for homeowners.