Backflow repair costs

Backflow is more of a problem than people may realize, and, when it impacts your home, the results can prove devastating. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also introduce harmful pollutants into your water. The problem commonly arises when there is a reduction in the public water system, often resulting when a water main breaks. If you have been impacted, obtaining professional help is detrimental.

There are a number of contaminants within your sewer system, and these can be introduced into your drinking water when backflow occurs. It is important to call to repair the problem with the help of an experienced plumber. There are various factors that impact the cost you can expect to make the necessary repairs.

For smaller problems, it may be possible to use a preventer that can be attached to a hose to stop dirt from getting into the water supply, and these cost around $30. If your problem is a larger one, it may be necessary to install a reduced pressure preventer, and these can range in cost anywhere from $250 to $400. This is a minimal investment considering the crucial job these preventers do. Installation costs for these devices normally run between $30 to $200, and it depends largely on the location and severity of the problem.

You use water every day, and the safety of you and your family is crucial. If you are suffering from a backflow problem, call the professionals today to get your home back in order.