Sewer Costs- Install & Repair

Sewer Install and Repair CostsA sewer is the large underground pipe that transports waste water away from your home into the city's sanitation system. Although the city is responsible for maintenance of certain components of the sewage line, the line on your property is your responsibility. If you need help with sewer install or repair services it is imperative that you use a qualified plumber.

Sewer repair costs

The most expensive part of the repair is typically the excavation of the sewer line, as replacement parts tend to be fairly inexpensive. Because the pipe is below ground, a local professional will have to excavate under your driveway, garden, or possibly even house in order to reach the blocked line. Before you begin to make repairs, ensure that you have obtained the correct permits from your city so all of your repairs will be up to code.

Sewer installation costs

The average cost to install the sewage main is between $1900 and $2640, and usually it is installed when the house is first built.

If you find damage on your line, possibly caused by tree roots or other obstructions, a plumber may need to use a rooter machine, which is an extremely heavy duty plumber's snake. After initial installation costs, repairs average between $2121 and $3191.