Pipe Corrosion Repair Costs

Within the infrastructure of any building, the piping and drainage system is afflicted with numerous chemical changes that can result in pipe corrosion. Corrosion refers to chemical reduction of the metal material that makes up the piping and draining systems. Plastic and concrete piping and draining systems are almost never afflicted with corrosion. Metal, with its unique molecular structure, is highly reactive to chemicals found in the water flowing into and out of a building. Factors such as low pH and high oxygen composition of the water, as well as the pressure level or temperature of that water will, over time, cause corrosion.

Pipe corrosion repair costs

When a homeowner or building supervisor needs to call a plumber to fix a corroded pipe, the costs can vary depending on the damage. The worst case scenario is that a crack occurs from the corrosion and water or waste water spills out from the pipe, causing extensive property damage. Even if this does not happen, the water that can slowly leak out of a corroded pipe can gradually cause property damage in the form of mold growth and water expenses. To repair a section to a single corroded pipe, the owner of the property could range from $100 to $200 (depending on the intensity of the labor and how much piping needs to be repaired). This cost does not include any property damage that needs to be fixed from the water.

Corroded pipes replacement costs

If the pipe is completely corroded, than it needs more than a fixing Band-Aid, it needs to be replaced. This would mean that the plumber would need to remove the entire pipe section the corrosion is coming from, even if only a small hole is in the pipe. This could require intense labor and removing drywall or sections of the wall just to get to the pipes. This process can have average costs of around $5,000 to $15,000. Again, this would not include any property damage that could result from water leaking out of this pipe.