Burst Pipes Repair Costs

Burst pipes are the outcome of various possible causes. One of the most common causes is that they freeze in the cold winter weather. Another reason is that they become old and rust creating fissures in the pipes. A burst pipe can cause extensive water damage in any home from the floors to the walls.

Burst pipes repair costs

A professional plumbing company can sometimes repair a burst pipe. There are certain factors that go into an estimate such as the location of the pipe and the materials and supplies needed for repair. If the damaged pipe is deep inside the walls or underground, it will require more labor to get to the pipe and repair it. Another factor in the estimate is whether or not it is an emergency situation that the plumbers need to rush right over to fix. The average costs of repairs to a burst pipe are around $900.

Burst pipes replacement costs

The pipes in a home or building are made to last, but there are times when they burst and need to be replaced. The cost of replacing pipes in a home is determined by a number of factors. A professional will have to determine how many pipes need to be replaced and their location. A pipe in a basement takes less labor and will be cheaper to replace than one buried in a wall or underground. Also, the plumber will need to determine the cost of a new pipe. The material used to make the pipe affects the cost. For instance, PVC pipes are less expensive than copper pipes. The average costs of replacing pipes in a home after they burst can range between $2000 and $15,000.