Roof Leak Repair Costs

While roof leak repair costs can vary significantly from one company to the next, the amount the homeowner can expect to pay will depend on several different factors. There is not a one size fits all approach that can be taken. The extent of damage, type and whether or not surrounding structures have been damaged are just a few considerations.

The primary consideration is almost always the extent of the damage. Roof leak repair costs takes into account the materials that are necessary to fix the problem. Minor damage, such s the replacement of a few shingles for example, will be more affordable than replacement. However, this may be necessary at times, depending on the cause, severity and overall condition of the roof. This may be especially so if there have already been significant repairs in the past.

Obtaining an estimate for repair over-the-phone is not recommended and is generally not considered a reliable quote. Without an actual inspection of the roof, the estimate may be grossly inaccurate. A reliable company will have to look at the leak and the damage it has caused before quoting a price, even for something as seemingly minor as a dripping roof.