Leak Repair Costs

Leak Repair CostsWhen you notice water seeping into your home, it is time to bring in a professional plumber rather than trying to handle things yourself. Plumbing experts know how to locate the source of the leak. Leaks can cause major damage to your ceiling or destroy a wall in a short amount of time. The source can come from damaged pipes or faulty faucet heads. Water heaters or water filtration systems can cause leaks as well. The possibilities seem endless which is why leak detection costs are worth paying.

The cost of repair a leak has many factors such as location of the leak and any parts that are needed. If the leak is located in an isolated and hard to reach location, it will take the plumber longer to reach it and bring any necessary parts and tools, raising your labor costs. The job might be larger than simply patching a pipe. You may need extensive work done on your plumbing. Also the cost of parts play a factor in the total cost of repair a leak. If you have to replace a pipe, you might prefer a more expensive copper pipe to a PVC pipe. The average costs of fixing a leak are between $144 and $153.