Washing Machine Repair & Installation Costs

laundry room plumbing repair costsWashing machine costs are not cut-and-dry. As a matter of fact, the numbers can fluctuate significantly depending on whether or not the homeowner wishes to install or repair. Whether it is a washer or dryer though, there are several options that the consumer will have, as well as things to consider when breaking down the costs.

Washing Machine Repair Costs

Common washer repairs may be fairly affordable. This can include replacing hoses or valves for example, things that may become necessary from time-to-time. The associated costs of these services typically includes labor and parts. If the washing machine is still under warranty, the majority of the price can be offset in many cases. However, if there is no warranty and significant repairs are needed, or the washer is older, the costs may be increased.

Washing Machine Installation Costs

Contrary to popular belief, installation of a washer or dryer is not necessarily expensive. Whether replacing the existing appliances or installing for the first time, this can be done at reasonable costs. If the appliance can be installed with little-to-no modification of the area of the home, it will be cheaper. Labor costs may or may not be charged. For instance, it may be included with the price or not charged at all if the appliance was purchased from the company responsible for installation.