Dishwasher Installation Or Repair Costs

Dishwasher installation or repair costsDishwasher repair costs

Dishwashers get old and begin to breakdown. There comes a time when you need to decide between purchasing a new dishwasher and repairing your current one. If you have a clogged dishwasher that will not drain, you might decide to repair it instead of replacing it. The cost of replacement parts is considerably less than replacing the entire unit. However, you should factor in the age of your dishwasher to determine if it is more cost efficient to repair. An older unit may require further repairs at a later date that make it less economical to repair. The average costs of a repair range from $250 to $275 with the cost being shared almost equally between parts and labor.

Dishwasher installation costs

The costs of installing a new unit come in large part from the price of the dishwasher. In many cases, your selection is limited to units that fit inside your existing space and the costs of that limited selection. If you choose to replace and install a new dishwasher, labor of bringing the new unit into the house and connecting it need to be factored into the costs. Depending on the unit chosen, the average costs range from $640 to $860.