Repair Clogged Drain

Repair Clogged DrainFor most people, clogged drains are not a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. While it's easy to grab a plunger and hope for the best, not all clogs are created equal. Foreign objects, food, grease, soap scum and mineral build-up, many paper products, hair and even odd things like bath salts can cause major clogs. Outside dangers include trees and leaves. The dangers of a clogged drain include the more prosaic annoyance factors and extend to serious flooding. There can even be a drain backup of noxious substances.

Waiting can be the worst thing one can do in case of a clogged drain. While it may seem attractive to save costs by not calling a plumber in to repair clogged drain problems, one can do further and more expensive damage by waiting. Although do-it-yourself options may seem appealing, the simple truth is acid-based drain cleaners can only exacerbate the problem. The clog may become worse with time, the pipes may erode or permanently block, resulting in pipes being cut out and even replaced. Costs that might have been minimal begin to sharply increase.

Clogs rarely take a holiday. They never wait for convenient times. The damage done in ignoring the resulting problems can be far more costly than merely finding a plumber to address the real problem in a direct manner. The occasional backed-up drain is one thing. To repair clogged drain problems of a serious nature, one may need to call in a professional.