Repair A Drain Line Breakage

Repair A Drain Line BreakageThe drain lines in a homeowner's residence have likely been there since the building was first constructed. Needless to say, they're probably old, weak and susceptible to problems. Many different factors can cause drain line breakages. These include severe clogs, root growth and even trapped animals. Drain line breakages aren't laughing matters. They can trigger severe issues such as persistent water leaks. Drain leaks can also bring upon other related destruction. When sewage leaks, it can introduce hazardous chemicals and disease. It can even encourage the presence of pests such as rats.

If a homeowner experiences drain line breakage, the dependable assistance of a professional plumbing company is absolutely necessary. An experienced and licensed plumber can repair a drain line breakage the right way.

Costs for repairing these breakages vary. The average cost is $642. Drain line breakages generally cost anywhere between $519 and $765 to fix. Comparatively minor breakages can sometimes be as inexpensive as $150 to fix. More severe cases, however, can cost upward of $990 to fix. Several factors can influence costs for these breakages. If the drain line breakage occurs in a home's exterior, repairing it is often significantly more expensive. Professionals often have to do a lot of digging to access the lines, after all. They might even have to get rid of concrete or pavement. Breakages that take place inside the home are usually cheaper to repair.

If a homeowner suspects that his residence is experiencing a drain line breakage, then he has to call a reputable plumbing company immediately. Otherwise, he could risk the damage getting worse. Allowing the damage to worsen often leads to higher repair costs in the end.