Water Heater (Boiler)- Installation & Repairs Costs

Water heater (boiler) repairs costs

Hot water is essential for the smooth operation of any residence. If a homeowner experiences problems with his water heater, then he needs to get the advice of a reliable professional plumbing company immediately. A plumber can carefully assess the condition of the boiler and determine whether he needs to repair it -- or install a brand new one entirely. If a heater is old and suffering from significant problems, then it's usually a smart idea to replace it. Whether a homeowner is interested in a heat pump water heater, split water heater or any other kind of boiler, a trustworthy plumber can point him into the right direction.

Repair costs run the gamut. If a boiler has a minor problem, it can be as inexpensive at $173 to fix it. If a problem is serious, then it can cost as much as $1,700. These repairs typically cost anywhere between $618 and $928, however.

Water heater (boiler) installation costs

Unsurprisingly, installation is usually markedly more expensive. Some installations cost just $700. Others are as expensive as $1,800. Installations generally cost somewhere between $1,036 and $1,258. Note that many factors can influence how much installation costs. Installation costs frequently differ between electric and gas water heaters, for one. They also frequently differ between water heaters that have tanks and that don't have tanks. Solar water heater installation is also typically pricier.

As soon as a homeowner notices any issues with his household appliance, he should waste no time in contacting a nearby reputable plumbing company. A licensed technician can examine the appliance and provide a quote. Homeowners can also call for reliable repair and installation estimates. It's important for people to never ignore any problems with household appliances. If homeowners allow issues to persist, they could potentially worsen -- and lead to even more costly services in the end.