Bathtub Costs - Install & Repair

Bathtub repair costs

There are many reasons why homeowners consider repairing a bathtub. Some may want to replace their bathtub for aesthetic reasons. Many homes today are built with lower quality features, and homeowners may have the desire to make a stylish upgrade. Some may want to install a larger bathtub with advanced features like whirlpool jets. Others may live in an older home, and the current tub may need to be repaired because it has become damaged in some way or because it has an outdated look.

The process of repairing a bathtub can be tedious and labor intensive, and because of this, many homeowners will want to contact a plumber to request an estimate for bathtub repair. There are several components that will affect the cost of this service. For example, the materials used to retile bathtub as well as the price of the tub itself will have a considerable impact on installation costs. Some basic tubs may cost only a few hundred dollars while elaborate, luxurious models may cost considerably more money.

Bathtub installation costs

The installation process required for a specific tub type will also affect the total costs associated with the project at hand. Some bathtub replacement and installation jobs, for example, may require a plumber to move pipes, and this can result in higher expenses. If you are thinking about completing a replacement or installation of a tub, it is best to request a customized quote from a plumber for the work that needs to be done. This will provide you with a firm figure that you can use to budget for your upcoming home improvement or remodeling project.