Sump Pump - Installation & Repair Costs

Sump pumps are pumps that extract water that accumulates in sump basins. Sump basins are typically located in home basements within sump holes. They're highly important in that they help prevent floods from occurring. When sump pumps aren't working properly, however, they're ineffective at stopping flooding. This often leads to extremely wet basements - and highly disgruntled homeowners, to boot. As mechanical devices, these pumps are in no way immune to occasional malfunctioning.

Sump pump repair costs

If a homeowner is experiencing problems with this pump, then immediate attention is necessary. Many warning signs point to issues with sump pumps, notably excessive noise and lengthy run times. Whether a homeowner is dealing with a weak sump pump overwhelmed by high water volume or a switch stuck against its sidewall, plumbing assistance is an absolute must. A plumber can determine what the exact problem with the pump is, whether an outage due to power failure, a frozen discharge pipe or anything else. These pumps sometimes experience major troubles when they've been installed incorrectly, too. Sump pumps are similar to all other home electrical appliances. If they don't have power, then they're unable to work at all. Some homeowners protect themselves from outages by purchasing backup pumps.

Repair of sump pumps usually costs somewhere between $250 and $1,130. Homeowners typically spend between $568 and $778 getting these pumps fixed by professionals. If a homeowner isn't sure whether he needs repairs or installation, a dependable plumbing company can visit his residence, carefully assess the pump and then provide him a quote or estimates for any necessary services. Whether a pump is clogged or running seemingly 24 hours a day, prompt professional assistance is always important.

Sump pump installation costs

If a sump pump problem is minor, then repair should generally be effective. If it's serious, then a homeowner might need to install a new one. Sump pumps typically experience significant problems as they get older, often calling for replacement. Naturally, installation is frequently much more expensive than repair. Installation typically costs anywhere between $500 and $2,306. Homeowners usually spend in the range of $1,297 to $1,827 for installation. Regular plumbing maintenance jobs often ensure that sump pumps remain in mint condition, thus saving the extra expenses that are inevitably part of any sump pump installation job.