Basement Flood Costs

basement plumbing repair costsA flooded basement can be devastating to a household. When a situation like this occurs within a household, it can be hard to anticipate all of the costs associated with repairs and sanitizing. Here is what to expect in cleaning out costs if you have just experienced a major flood in your home recently.

What are the factors that most influence costs for cleaning out costs?

The size of the space is a major factor to consider where cleaning costs are concerned. The type of water also plays a major role as well. Sewer water requires a different process from removing storm debris. Additionally, the amount of water must be factored into the overall costs as well.

If removing clean water from an area to make the area completely dry, costs start around $500 and can go as high as $1,500. If there are any repairs that need to be repaired, the price can easily climb to $10,000. This is because there may be structural damage and furnishings destroyed during the basement flood. If the heating system was damaged, there may be an extra $200 more required for repairs. If there will be more preventive measures taken to prevent future flooding such as having a new sump pump professionally installed, one can expect to pay up to an additional $6,000.

Pumping out basements
What is the actual process?

Pumping the water out with the sump pump is the first step in the process. Once this has been done, the area must be thoroughly dried using industrial fans and systems. Once the debris is removed and the drying is completed, the area is then sanitized and deodorized. From there, any structural repairs required are performed.

Homeowners are encouraged to consult their insurance policy to see what costs can be covered. If a person has a specific flood insurance policy, one can expect that their coverage will handle most costs associated with flooding.