Well Pumps - Install & Repair Costs

Well pumps repair costs

The price difference between a well pump repair or installation job can be tremendous. Fixing a pump might be as simple as a loose wire or faulty breakers. However, if something serious goes wrong then the only avenue is replacement. There are several factors to look at before deciding; cost being a major one.

Average costs for well pump repair range from about $750 - $1200. The low estimate is for a relatively simple problem such as a bad water pressure switch. If the plumber has to work on the pump motor, the price can go up greatly.

Well pumps installation costs

The average costs to replace a well pump aren't much better. The depth of the well has a lot to do with the price a plumber will charge to install a new one. Most estimates are around $1,500. However, that figure can easily climb over $2,000 if the well is deep.

Some of the most common problems are also the cheapest to fix. Many times it's something as simple as a faulty fuse or bad wire. The fuse can be replaced for under a dollar. Replacing the entire pump system, on the other hand, can get expensive. New pumps range from $200 to $500 with tanks priced similarly. This cost doesn't include labor which can greatly inflate the price.