Water Treatment Purification System Costs - Install & Repair

A water treatment purification system is a necessity even when local municipal water treatment facilities are the major source of potable water supplies. A water treatment purification system provides multiple-stage filtration of potable water to remove heavy metals and other contaminants normal municipal water treatment systems may miss.

Water treatment purification system repair costs

There's a difference in costs to install a water treatment purification system than there is to repair or replace the system. The difference in costs to install a water purification system lies with the initial set up of system equipment that may include labor, piping and other miscellaneous parts. Repairing an existing water purification system is likely to be less costly since the system was previously installed. To replace a system, costs are determined by the extent of the dysfunction of the existing system. These are basic factors that affect cost.

Repairing a water treatment purification system may not always involve full replacements of parts. A licensed plumber is the best source to determine whether repairing the system is more cost-effective than full replacement. The cost, plus labor, depends on parts that require repair. In general, this can be a few hundred dollars or as much as $600.00.

Water treatment purification system install costs

Water treatment purification system installation costs are mainly affected by the size of the system, which is best evaluated by a licensed and qualified plumber. Factors that determine size include frequency of use, total household occupants, and number of water sources to be treated. The cost for water treatment purification system installation ranges from $950 to $1500.