Sink Costs - Install & Repair

Sink repair costs

If you're experiencing troubles with your sink, then you have to decide whether to repair the existing fixture it or install a brand new one. Cost is often a major factor in this decision. Installation of a new sink usually costs anywhere between $456 and $2,066. Repairs, on the other hand, are usually markedly less expensive, although it depends on the exact issue. These repairs typically cost anywhere in the range of $86 to $166.

Many of the common sink-related problems are minor ones. Kitchen sink stoppage, for example, generally can easily be fixed by professionals. You might even be able to take care of a frustrating clogged sink yourself by using a plunger.

Sink installation costs

If your sink is on the old side and you suspect that the problem might be costly to repair, it might be a smart idea to invest in a new one. Many people opt to install new sinks when they renovate their kitchens and bathrooms, too. They exist in many exciting styles. They're also produced out of many diverse materials, including stainless steel, glass, concrete, copper, iron, ceramic-enamel, enamel and stone. Some sinks are even made out of plastic. Plastic sinks tend to be much more affordable than others. If you find an attractive option that makes your bathroom or kitchen truly pop, you might want to look into installation costs with an expert plumber from our staff.

Numerous different factors go into typical installation costs. A plumber might assess location. He might assess the style. Styles of sinks often have their own individual mounting needs. Apron and farmhouse sinks, for example, are usually big and therefore need the support of modified base cabinets. Installation of these cabinets is usually around $283. The plumber might also take fixtures into consideration.

If you're not sure whether to go for replacement or maintenance, contact a professional plumber for help. They can help you determine whether replacement or repair is better suited to your needs.