Additional Plumbing Jobs Costs

Additional Plumbing Jobs CostsWater is everywhere in your home. From bathroom to kitchens and the walls in between there is a lot that can and does go wrong. When you notice a leak coming from a drain or it becomes clogged, you will need a professional plumber.

Some clogs are so bad and deep inside your pipes that a plumber is needed. These professionals are experts and are able to quickly repair a clog. They have the profession tools to reach deep inside the pipes and pull the obstruction out. The average costs of repairing a clogged drain are around $300. This price would include labor and any parts and supplies needed.

Leaking sinks and toilets in the bathroom can be cause to call in a professional plumber. Toilets sometimes stop flushing or water continuously runs through it, while sinks can become clogged or have a mysterious drip. The cost of repairs can be influenced by the location of the bathroom if heavy parts need to be carried into the bathroom. The average cost of fixing a leaky toilet or sink is around $135.

Your water heater can be a source of plumbing issues. Most water heaters last between 5 and 10 years. When they begin to fail, they need replacing. There are a few signs to let you know that it is time to replace your water heater such as lower than usual water temperatures and rust colored water. The labor involved in replacing the hot water heater depends on the weight of the replacement unit and the location. Of course, the cost of unit is flexible due to size and brand names. The average cost ranges between $600 and $800.